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New on Google ... Change your background image !!

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When I checked Google today (June 5th, 2010) at 2:00 AM, I found a new link in the far bottom say (Change background image)

Then you can choose an image from a large image gallery

At the end you will find this outcome

Really nice work Google :)

Database Cleaner

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When a developer works on a long-term project, it could happen that he stop using some stored procedures for any reason (change request, fix bug, update a module, ... etc), and since the stored procedure is the most preferred way to perform all CRUD transactions on the database, so you can create at least 3 stored procedures per table, and it may cause a headache when you try perform a cleaning operation to remove unused objects specially the stored procedures.

"Clean your database" is a simple project removes unused stored procedures from your project what ever the Data Access Layer you are using

This application works and tested on the following DAL (Data Access Layers):
  • Entity Framework
  • Linq 2 SQL
And it is pretty simple to use in only 3 steps:
  1. Browse the project's folder
  2. Set the connection string to the required database
  3. Start the operation

After the searching completed successfully, you can either export the cleaning script and apply the cleaning later, or by performing the cleaning immediately

Download the project source code and installer from CodePlex .